146 Live And Learn

146 Live and Learn

The Bride and the Beast (1958) has all of the casual sexism and racism that you’d expect from a B Horror Exploitation film of that era. But since Ed Wood was involved in the writing of this film, it also has not-so-subtle undertones of bestiality and several nice angora sweaters. But rather than rehash Luka’s Bad Movie Review, why not just revisit some of the highlights with our buddies from Rifftrax. (You can get the whole riffed movie over at Rifftrax.com.)

“Ya wanna go get burgers? Or would ya rather some pizza?”
“Dude! We should, like, totally do both! Y’know, at the same time and shit!”
And because Pizza Hut will always cater to their stoner demographic, we now have this: the Cheese Burger Pizza. Doesn’t it look delicious, or somewhat fancy, or perhaps confused about it’s true purpose?


Of course, even with fantasy food, the reality never really matches up to the hype, does it?

First were the Famous Bowls where they mixed your dinner together in a big cup, handed you a spoon and dared you to eat it. Then there was the Double Down, a ham sandwich that substituted chicken fillets for the bun because they weren’t moving enough napkins. Now there is KFC‘s latest atrocity, the Double Down Dog, which is not a porn movie about gangbangs on yoga mats but instead something much less wholesome. It’s a wiener wrapped in fried chicken with cheese and mustard. If you really must see it you can click on this photo link right here, but we wouldn’t advise it. Perhaps less threatening is KFC‘s new “Scoff-ee Cup” edible coffee cups made of cookie, white chocolate and sugar paper. Because nothing goes as well with artery clogging food experiments as a nice, hot coffee served in a melting, soggy biscuit. Let’s just stop pretending; KFC hates everybody and wants us all dead.

In this week’s educational short, we deal with the emotional ups and downs of children and not of adults who just act like children. You know who you are.

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Before KFC decided to commit its culinary crimes, there was Tiny. Here’s Tiny with his “completely original” hot dog car. Oscar Meyer considered suing Tiny for copyright infringement, but the case was dropped after Tiny ate the vehicle in question.