148 Angry And Confused

148 Angry and Confused

Luka coined the phrase “Angry and Confused in the Produce Section” and Skullard wrote the song. We’ve seen this guy a hundred times if not a thousand. But, should we wish to, there are many more songs to sing:
“Old and Oblivious and Blocking the Entrance”
“Overflowing Cart in the Self Checkout Line”
“Where Are My Children, I Don’t Care – I Don’t Care”
“Hello, Old Friend – Let’s Block the Aisle and Chat”
“The Deli Sampler Shuffle”
“To Live Life So Free in Pajama Pants”
“Where, Oh Where Has My Shopping Cart Gone”
“So Many Coupons It’s Hard Not To Buy”
“Have You Smelled the Stock Boy”
“Lady Check-Writer”
“Double-Bagger Blues”
“Wrangler Jack of the Shopping Cart Corral”

At first glance, this film might seem like an endorsement of blind conformity or abdication of will to parental authority. But it turns out that it’s a counting video. If you tally up all the times Barbara says “Mother” the count comes in somewhere between The Bad Seed and Psycho. Here’s a trick to play on your friends: tell them you have a new drinking game in which one team takes a shot every time someone says “Mother” and the other team downs one when the word “brown” is said. That might seem like an awful waste of valuable booze, but it may well be the only enjoyable way to watch Barbara’s New Shoes (1955).

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: This bug-eyed woman who looks to be doing her job at gunpoint is but one of the fine Telephone Secretaries available through Edgewood Exchange. “We will answer your phone, day or night, seven days a week, and take messages in the manner to suit your individual needs. An alert – courteous – efficient Telephone Secretary can be yours for only a few cents a day.” No wonder this poor lady looks like she’s hopped up on crank, she’s up all night taking phone messages and getting paid shit for it. And what’s worse, the calls are coming from inside the house!