151 All Dead And So Forth

151 All Dead and So Forth

Urban Legend (1998) is a fine film when judged in comparison to its unnecessary sequels. Judged purely on its own merit, it’s hard to know whether to swallow or spit. We heard that the neighbor of our best friend’s co-worker liked this movie a lot, so you know it’s true. You could watch it and find out for yourself, but maybe in this case you should just believe the rumor and go on with your life.

When we talked about the #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge you probably were hoping for a different picture than this one. If you’re looking for something more female using secondary sex traits to hold a beverage, you can always click here. (NSFW)

Feel free to join our #HoldSomeLicoriceInYourButtChallenge that raises prostate cancer awareness. Somehow. Not really. (By the way, that’s chocolate on those Red Vines. Honest.)

Free advice: don’t sexually harass people. It’s rude, plus it could just turn out to be someone like Leslie Smith who can and will give you the beat-down of a lifetime.

Poor Paul’s afraid. Fortunately, his parents are understanding and only point at him and laugh, chanting “Fraidy-Cat! Fraidy-Cat!” every other Tuesday. The rest of the time they simply beat him and resent his weakness. Oh wait, that was Skullard’s folks. Find out how Paul’s parents handle his irrational behavior in Fears of Children (1951).

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: “Gosh Howard, it sure was swell of you to take me out for a soda.”
“Are you kidding, Sally? You’re my best gal.”
“You’ve got others?”
“Well, I guess that’s up to you, isn’t it Sal?”
“Okay, Big Fella, what is it this time? You want me to dress like a scuba diver or something? Patty said you were into that.”
“Oh no, Sally, nothing needing special equipment.”
“Well what then?”
“I want you to hold a Coke between your boobs.”
“I don’t know, Howard, that sounds cold.”
“Goosebumps are sexy.”
“How dare you, Howard Abernathy! I’m a 34 B-cup!”
“No no! I didn’t mean, uh . . . that is to say, um, I wasn’t comparing . . .”
“You want I should do it with a can or a bottle?”
“How about that glass right there?”
“What, polka-dots? You’re into dots?”
“Actually freckles. Tommy said you had nice ones.”
“Nice what?”
“Freckles! God, I’m screwing all this up. Look Sally, will you do this for me or not?”
“I can’t Howard.”
“Aw c’mon, why not?”
“I’m drinking a Sprite.”