OVA On A Ritz

073 The Future Makes Me Think

Did you think we died? Well, we didn’t die. We’re still plugging along, working long hours and sleeping shorter ones, thinking warm thoughts of all of you because there’s no A/C in this building. But as much as we’ve missed you, which is twice as much as you missed us because you’re only half as interested as you pretend to be, we’ve been on an adventure through the landscape of grief and loss. Luka’s been an on-call grief counselor for a member of her family who’s just lost a spouse, and as hilarious as that sounds, it hasn’t been the non-stop chuckle-fest you might expect. Still, even the stark reality of our own eventual mortality can’t hold back the urge to podcast forever. So here we are, back at the sound board to share tales of woe and whoa! Nice to be back with you, while we yet live.