073 The Future Makes Me Think

There is a Skullard, has a wife and Luka is her name-o. L – U – K – A -O! L – U – K – A – O! L – U – K – A – O! Something blah blah hey, oh.

Okay, okay. Enough of that spelling and rhyming nonsense. This week’s podcast is full of exciting developments! There are exciting news stories about alligators, underage drivers and drugged milkshakes. But there are also special bits of crap that you (the listener perhaps) can only hear on What Could Go Wrong?! What kind of crap, you (the listener perhaps as I may have mentioned earlier) may ask? I shall tell you! There are bonechilling stories about potential death crashing through your front door! Informative tips to make you a better belcher! And also (get this) a live taste-testing! Skullard will consume a vegetarian chili dog as we record this very podcast! Gasp! Chew! What Could Go Wrong?!

Have you lost your home, your possessions, your grand-mother or your skin due to the terrible burny wrath of fire? Thanks to this week’s moderately thrilling educational short, we now have a way of preventing such things from happening again. Please sit back and enjoy Fire (1946)!

Get out your glow sticks and thump a while to another of Kevin MacLeod’s lil’ numbers!

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Welcome to Party Central. There’s always room for one more…