085 Corn and Cucumber

Podcast listeners, – BEHOLD! May has fucked off, and June has arrived. And with June comes several exciting things such as Doughnut Day! If that doesn’t thrill you, how about National Leave the Office Early Day? Or Worldwide Knit in Public Day? No? Well, there’s also Drive-In Movie Day, Hot Air Balloon Day or VCR Day. Plus you can yell “Fudge” at cobras for some reason. Seriously, the good times never end. Except at the end of the month, I guess. Oh well.

We know you don’t think us a couple of liars, but just in case you thought we were kidding about Lancelot Link – Secret Chimp, here’s evidence we’re not making shit up.

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Remember everyone, it’s also National Business Etiquette Week!