093 Not Enough Bleach In The World

Hurrah! It’s time to butter your windows and sit back to another episode of What Could Go Wrong! We’re always grateful and happy to have you tune in. As a matter of fact, What Could Go Wrong cares about its listeners. We thought we’d provide you with the following important public service announcement; If you’re going to buy an iPhone, don’t do it at the McDonald’s. It’s also not a good idea to hop in your truck and throw bombs at pedestrians while Miss Utah rides shotgun. Maybe you should just try to relax by driving over to your local Starbucks and ordering a big cup of… err… I mean, a large cup… a grande? Is it a… umm… you know. Whatever size is the mostliest. Okay, just have the big size of a low-fat… oh, hell. What’s that thing called again?

Skullard liked Blowpaste so much, he bought the company. No. That’s a total lie. But he DID write a song about it!

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: For the price of this cup of coffee, you could provide food for the pets of the homeless weak.