027 Like, You Know, Whatever

It was hard-going this week at What Could Go Wrong. We had to bury Hello Kitty and wait around for the army to fix our roof. Luckily, things seem to have finally taken a turn for the better, and we’re all ready to get going with this week’s podcast! It’s some sort of Christmas miracle, perhaps!

The good news about our news segment this week is that several of the criminals are violent, scary, axe-wielding maniacs. Oh, and they’re still at large! Sure, the cops have no problem catching the pot-heads and the petty thieves (especially when said thieves pocket-dial the cops and tell them where and when to show up for the arrest), but the fugitives and hatchet-swingers all get away. Merry Christmas! Speaking of unexpected presents, there were plenty of surprise animals showing up in the news. You ever open a crate to find a swarm of spiders? You ever go down into you basement and find a sleeping bear? You ever go out to bury that dead pet only to find him sitting up and wagging it’s tail? Or how about showing up at a wedding reception to find the father of the groom has hired a couple of strippers? Surprise! And there’s good surprises as well, like the gold coin that showed up in another Salvation Army kettle. Finally, a study shows that the word “whatever” is the most irritating thing you can say. No surprise there.

This week’s Bad Movie Review features Dead Snow (2009), a Great Intentionally Bad Norwegian film about undead Nazis terrorizing medical students on a ski holiday. Full of gore, missing cold coins and absurdity, this is one of Luka’s personal favorites.

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Enjoy the Lancaster line of chainsaws! If you have enough colorful chainsaws on hand, some cute girl will come straddle your log!

In this week’s bonus educational short, Play in the Snow (1945), we learn how much fun it can be to play in winter weather. Like building snowmen! Playing Fox and Geese! Tramping down the ring! Skiing! Sledding! And there are thrilling questions to be answered. What IS Charlie going to do with that shiny tin can?! What will Nell do with the dishpan?!