038.5 It’s Perfectly Normal

With all the stuff we had to put up with this week, we just knew we couldn’t do a normal, full-length podcast. Or the kind of podcast we usually do. But we thought, “What the hell, let’s at least do a POINT FIVE episode. It may just be a short thing, but at least it’s something.” Then somehow, without any news, with no Bad Movie Review, we still managed to drag our poor listeners down to the 7th Circle of Hell for more than an hour of audio torment. We get to yammering about arson, ethnic saints, the hazards of having red hair, ugly people, Sweden: Heaven or Hell (1968 ), Dirk Gently, Naked Juice (Yay!), Rick Santorum (Boo!), Luka’s love of sorting, Cadbury Cream Eggs, and the love of Grimm. And just for the dirty fun of it, another round of That’s Not My Porn! Is it any wonder we can’t bring even a “half episode” in under an hour? Is it any wonder that this is one of the filthiest episodes yet? Imagine what we could be capable of if we actually worked at this shit. Imagine . . .

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Looking for an Elephant’s Graveyard for your aging loved one? Look no further!

In this week’s bonus educational short, an irritating teen girl develops a crush on her brother’s nerdy friend. Is romance in the air? Or is that just electric waves being pumped out by the various modern appliances the women keep prattling on about? Please become amazed by A Young Man’s Fancy (1952).