066 It’s All Gravy

As you sit around the jolly dinner table, surrounded by your loved ones, never forget – one day they will all be dead. Anyone and everyone who matters to you will be a fetid, rotting corpse, infested with maggots and crawling with worms. The flesh will fall from their decaying skeleton like the sumptuous flesh from the juicy turkey that you are about to enjoy together. Don’t kid yourself. This goes for your children, too. You may imagine a bright and beautiful future for them, but their ultimate fate is to suffer and rot, and no amount of tears or prayers will changce that. There is no heaven, no blissful reunion, no hope of repieve. There is only the certainty of the grave.

Thankskilling (2009) is quite the Lousy Intentionally Bad Movie according to Luka’s Bad Movie Review. In fact, it shouldn’t be called so much a review as a warning to the unwary veiwer. Someone might unwittingly assume that a film built around a turkey puppet that carries out a five century old Native American curse by savagely butchering unexpecting holiday diners might be a bit of a larf. Larf elsewhere, dear listeners. When parody fails, it’s never pretty.

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It’s time for an incipid short about one of the nicest days of the year; Thanksgiving. There’s the smell of turkey and happiness in the air and all that crap. Don’t you just want to dive right in and gobble down everything in sight? But wait! What about your precious table manners? Don’t you know that being polite makes everything more fun? Please become inspired by this week’s holiday-themed educational short; Dining Together (1951)!

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: What, you didn’t think I had a Thanksgiving-appropriate postcard in my pile? How little you know me.