060.5 Penne Will Not Alleviate Your Misfortune

It seems we have finally found what it takes to shut Skullard up: coughing fits. There’s just something about the hacking expulsion of phlegm that plays havok on that jolly repartee feeling we try so hard to nurture. Hopefully Luka won’t fall prey to the vicious viscous virus as badly as her ailing and afflicted husband, but bedrest and veggies are on the schedule to bring both hosts back up to fighting form. If all goes well, and if frequent visits to a certain pasta outlet are made, perhaps next week a full-sized, full-throated podcast will burst forth fully formed from our feeble frames. Or not. You can never really know. After all, something else could go wrong.

Our friend Fat Nyan has decided to speak up, nyan! He is a plump feline who has dedicated his life to educating the youth of today, nyan. This week, nyan, he discusses the importance of eating one’s vegetables, nyan. Terrible things will happen if you do not, nyan. For more information, please view his video, nyan.

Behold! The Cauldron of Evil!

Does your job make you sick? Well, cheer up, dumb-ass! You might be more important than you think. Please become inspired by this week’s bonus educational short; You and Your Work (1948)!

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Say what you will about Noodles & Company, they don’t have this kind of variety. To be fair though, I’ve seen more varieties of pasta shapes in the Mac & Cheese aisle at my grocery store. Where’s Sponge Bob? Where’s Spiderman? I wish the back of the card had the names of the different pastas corresponding with the numbers in the picture, but all it says on the back is “Pasta”. This is often the way when I seek education or enlightenment from postcards: lots of stuff to pique my interest, but skimpy on the details. It’s good practice for watching the news.