036 We Did Get To Meat The Rabbits

It’s episode 36! Do you realize how significant that number is? 36 is not only a square number, it’s triangular. Look it up! In fact, it’s the smallest number other than 1 that’s both square and triangular. The next number like that is 1225, but that one’s just odd. And is 1225 an Abundant Number or a 13-gonal Number? Hellz no, but 36 is both! Holy flippin’ hoo-ha! And get this: 36 is the smallest integer which can be expressed as the sum of consecutive primes in 2 ways! Don’t believe us? Try 5 + 7 + 11 + 13 and 17 + 19. That’s right, add it up, bitch. And let’s not forget that both the truncated cube and the truncated octahedron are Archimedean Solids with 36 edges. That’s right, geometric shit! And for all of you chem-heads out there, let’s give it up for Krypton which not only has an atomic number of 36, but also gave us Superman before it exploded. So yeah, we now have just as many episodes of What Could Go Wrong? as Chinese dragons have scales that are both yang and malign. We’ve no idea what any of that shit means, but it sure impresses the hell out of us. Considering how significant the number 36 is, you’d think this was a super-significant episode, right? Nah, it’s just long.

What can be said about Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)? How about, “Avoid at all cost!” Luka really took one for the team with this one. This barely qualifies as a film, much less a Bad Movie for Review. The Geneva Convention won’t even allow you to show this movie to prisoners. You have Nintendo level CGI mixed with jump-cut dialogue from actors who act almost as well as they dance and they dance like white people! Go ahead and watch the clips below. Yeah, those are highlights. But in all fairness, no other movie has done as much for coat hangers since Mommie Dearest (1981).

Even though there was no time for it, the die was rolled and we indulged in another Random Encounter. We dove back into The Book of Questions and bathed in the deep ethical quandries hidden within. Then we had to take a shower.

Here’s Rocky, the 27 pound lobster that was caught, then thrown back into the sea. Why’d they throw him back? See the kid in the picture? Turns out his parents love him. Lobsters know how to negotiate.

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: here’s a handy cheat-sheet. Can’t tell if your lobster is alive or boiled? This quick reference sheet will keep you from looking stupid.

Do you dare you sneak a peek at a montage of clips from Birdemic: Shock and Terror?! BEHOLD! Actors behaving in a dramatic way!

And now it is time to BEHOLD! Actors engaging in action scenes! Oh, the thrills!!

Please become enthralled by this week’s educational short: Stop Driving Us Crazy! (1959) This exciting educational video stars Rusty – a Christian alien spy car from Mars. No fooling.

And now, a word from the Duke of Wrong: