016 I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

Hey Podcast Listeners! In many ways, this week’s episode is a tribute to mankind’s ingenuity and inventiveness. In a few ways, at least. To be fair, there are a couple of ways we bring up enginuity. One way? Okay, in no way is this episode a tribute to anything. You made me say it. Happy? It’s just a silly podcast, and that’s all it is.

In the news segment, we have an update on the Arkansas Toe-Sucker case, so all of you out there with feet can rest easy tonight. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of strange pervs out there washing their trucks in the nude and stripping the bras off women through magic. Then we have the usual stories of dryer thefts and cat burglaries. But we do actually have a few stories of inventiveness: explosive cremains, talking rubbish bins and a motorcycle that runs on human fecal matter. Could we make this shit up? If we could, we could fuel the Poopcycle.

I Drink Your Blood is the bad movie this week in Luka’s Bad Movie Review. What can a little boy do when a gang of Satanist bikers rape his sister and beat up his grandfather? Give those meanies some meat pies, that’s what. But make sure the meat in the pies comes from a rabid dog. So, once a gang of Satanist bikers become a rabid gang of Satanist bikers, only love, peace and fluffy kittens could ensue, right? What could go wrong?

For the first time in a while, we bring back the Anime Review with no small bit of gushing over K-On! This slice of life anime is one of the most successful in recent years, and if Luka and Skullard are to be believed, there’s good reason for that. Find out why Luka named her own guitar “Yui”.

No Random Encounter this week, unless you count Skullard’s battle with a new appliance. Oh, the humanity. Oh, the cursing.

It’s K-On! The amazingly cute friendship anime where Rock and Role Rebels help each other study for exams.

Do you have what it takes to fuel the Poopcycle?

Have you been trying to escape from your horrific and worthless life? Should you? Today’s bonus educational short; Facing Reality (1954) may or may not hold the answer!

I can see you’re really upset about this podcast. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.