018 Fire Is Not the Solution

Mocking John Hughes and New Mexican cities,
Capsules of foam shapes and cute “Skello Kitties”,
Dirty commercials about chicken wings,
These are a few of our favorite things.

Feeling well and lookin’ swell, we jump back behind the microphones with vim, vigor and vitality. Guess who’s been taking their vitamins. What Could Go Wrong? has come back from the brink of the sniffles to deliver a full-throated, well-seasoned and somewhat pre-planned podcast episode. I know you were worried after last week that our colds might in some way rob us of our mojo. Not to worry! We can whip up more mojo quicker than most people can deliver instant pudding, and we do it in a wider variety of flavors as well. Take that Jell-O tm!

What would you do if we weren’t here to tell you all (well, some) of the previous week’s stupid news? Don’t think about that question too hard. Sorry I brought it up, actually. But still, ain’t ya glad ya heard all the garbage we read about this week? More thieves getting caught because of Facebook and potheads busted on Craigslist. Cheating athletes, cheating pastors and a man so scared his partner is cheating on him, he calls in a bomb threat. Smugglers weaponize bee hives (seriously, when’s the last time you read those words?). And old people unknowingly get stoned at a funeral. While on the subject of stoners, Luka and Skullard reminisce about “Bogart’s Pizza”, the most obvious drug front ever busted in the Great White North.

Eaten Alive (1977) makes a surprise appearance in this week’s Bad Movie Review, which is almost as big of a surprise that it got made at all. Meet Judd, the friendly small town inn-keep who’s down home charm and crates of dead monkeys brings the runaway hookers and abused spouses into his motel in droves. And a handy combination of farm implements and La Crocodile de la Mort makes sure that once they check in, they don’t check out. You can always trust a one-legged hillbilly motel manager to make sound judgments on the character of his guests and act accordingly. What could go wrong?

Hell Girl is one of the top anime favorites of both Skullard and Luka, and it’s a privilege to talk about it. Beautiful and creepy, this show delivers episode after episode of solid vengeance and retribution . . . but at a steep price. Would you be willing to trade your eternal soul for instant revenge on your enemy? Hell Girl lets you meet the people ready to take that deal, and the strange figures who are able to make that trade happen.

This week’s random encounter is a bit shocking, I must warn you. Luka gets asked about her most intimate sexual fantasies. Her answer may well shock you.

And finally, this is our first week with our brand new sponsor! Do yourself a favor and dig in to extra helpings of this fine and wholesome product.

Hell Girl – Spooky, lovely vengence.

You know that stupid guy everyone hates? Let’s teach him some fucking manners! Helping Johnny Remember (1956) puts kids in their damn place and teaches everyone else some helpful hand signals.