OVA Expectations

000 OVA Expectations
This is our vacation week, and what did we do with all that time off? We ate at Panera Bread. “What? The Skullards didn’t eat every meal at Noodles and Co.?” Well, we still ate there as well, but we also ate at Panera Bread, where you can feast on yummy sandwiches and other people’s conversations. Listen in on our conversation and find out why we own so many wigs.

109 Hocus Pocus

109 Hocus Pocus Luka and Skullard gear up for another battle with the Landlord From Hell as once again water comes pouring down from the ceiling. (NO IT DOESN’T!) But don’t worry, everything’s apparently fine forever. Unless of course, Skullard manages to lock himself out of the building again.

This week’s bad movie has been known to cause so much biting of nails and wetting of pants that its trailer was pulled from television. Anthony Hopkins descends into insanity alongside a figure which frightened him both on and off-screen in this week’s Bad Movie: Magic (1978).

Watch happily as a foolish young boy is nearly bitten by snakes and kicked by horses in this week’s thrilling educational short Safety With Animals (1961)!

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: Cheer up, everyone! It’s Soup Swap Day! Om nom nom! And who wouldn’t want to swap such appetizing bowls of vomit as these from “Thorton Truckstop Diner – Serving a variety of tempting, delicious, home-cooked foods at popular prices. Con Mucho Gusto!” As if there wasn’t enough to fear in Beaumont, Texas.

OVA – What’s That Sound?

We’re doing our best to laugh about all this, but it’s still kind of an open wound (as the continued dripping will attest to). Thanks to everyone who’s wished us well and is pulling for us. We appreciate all the positive thoughts for all the fucking good it does. No, really, thanks. We’re not kidding. It means a lot in a way, kinda.

Here’s how the drippage looked as of Saturday, March 23rd. Watch it . . . IF YOU DARE!

Behold! Skullard’s ingenuity in action! As you can see, when ol’ Skully puts his hand to a task, quality is job one.

From Skullard’s Postcard Collection: This is actually an antique postcard that bares a 1909 postmark and half-hearted note from Ed to his Aunt May in Manchester, Iowa (and that was the extent of the address too . . . it seems all you needed in 1909 was the name of the town and the postman could take care of the rest). But I chose this postcard not so much for its historic significance as to show you the type of person I expect the landlord to eventually send to fix the leak.